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An Easter message
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For many, Easter is a time of Easter baskets and colorful eggs.  And even though all of the coloring kits have a variety of bright colors, at least one egg in the batch will turn out gray from your little one dipping it in all the dye containers.
Many of the children will dress in  new Easter outfits — a new dress for girls, a suit for boys — and join their parents in the family vehicle and head for the local church.
For some, attending church on Easter will be the only day they go to a service all year. For others, they will go on Easter, then around Christmas, and then a few other times, throughout the year.
And then for a few others, they will get up a little early, go to the Sunrise service at their church, and then the regular morning service, and then they will be back in church again the next week, and like that little bunny, they will keep going and going.  
But what is Easter really all about? Most folks know it has something to do with Jesus, and the Last Supper, and the Crucifixion, and roman soldiers, or something like that. But in reality most really don’t grasp what Easter really is about.
Most folks in this area, “The Bible Belt,” say they believe in God and Jesus, but then they follow this up by saying but Jesus was just one of the many God used like Muhammad, Buddha and many more. A lot of these same folks will say they believe in the Bible, but say it was written by men and it contradicts itself so you have to weigh what it says with a grain of salt. And then most of these folks will add they are believers, and that they are pretty sure they will be going to heaven because they believe in God, and know about Jesus, and are, overall, pretty good people. After all, they don’t really do anything that bad.
This misperception by these people is the saddest thing in their life, because it is the biggest and oldest lie ever told and believed by man. You see, there is only one God, but He only uses three beings — God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  And yes, the Bible was written by men, but they were divinely inspired by God to the degree that what they wrote was written as if the Hand of God wrote it himself.  And yes, it does contradict itself but only when read by a lost person who is doesn’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And being good has nothing to do with going to Heaven. The only way to get into Heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. And finally, whether we are the most saintly man in the eyes of man or the lowest slug in the eyes of man, in the Eyes of God both men are as worthless, stained and soiled rags.  
But because of Easter, we don’t have to remain that way.  Because even though Easter can be fun and a joyous time for family, it is really about Jesus Christ overcoming death so that all of us, through Him might have everlasting life.
This weekend, have a good time with the colored eggs, and the baskets, the candy and all the rest; but find a Bible-believing church, and attend a service somewhere. There you will find out the true meaning of Easter.
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