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Apperciate mothers on their holiday
In the pulpit
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Mother’s Day recognizes and honors mothers and motherhood as well as the many positive contributions mothers make to society.
In America, we celebrate a holiday almost every month of the year, but today is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year.
Mother’s Day is when children travel from far and wide to spend the day with mom. Grown children become childlike again as they make their way home to be with their mothers. It doesn’t matter how long they may have been away from home, today is the day to come home and let mom know just how special she is and how much she is appreciated.
The first Mother’s Day was celebrated with a church service on May 10, 1908, in Grafton, W.Va.
In memory of her deceased mother, Anna Jarvis — the woman who came up with the idea for Mother’s Day — wore a pink carnation. Hence, the tradition of wearing carnations on Mother’s Day.
Today, people wear a red carnation for their living mothers and white carnation in memory of deceased mothers.
In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson  declared the second Sunday in May as the official National Mother’s Day. More than 100 years after the observance of the first Mother’s Day, this holiday has gained tremendous popularity.
Because it is her special day, she is not expected to cook today. Consequently, Mother’s Day has become the most popular day of the year to dine out. On this day, restaurants are crowded with families eating out and enjoying the fellowship.
Not only is the kitchen normally closed today, mothers also look forward to some special gifts. Florists across the country see a robust boost in business. Children and husbands buy beautiful bouquets of flowers and lovely green plants. They know there is nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers to light up a woman’s eyes.
Telephone calls are at their highest on Mother’s Day. Those children who cannot make it home to be with mom jam telephone lines to make those special calls.
Mothers also receive treats such as gift certificates for their favorite boutiques or spa treatments, mini vacations, framed photos, smart phones and the latest technological gadgets. Some mothers even receive some extra cash to “splurge” as they see fit.
On this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to let mom know she is special. Today is her day, and she deserves to be treated as a queen. Let us salute mothers and help them celebrate their special day.
Happy Mother’s Day.

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