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Be part of what the Lord is doing
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Okay, I have to admit it. I love baseball. I know that many in the younger generation are bored by the game. But I find it fascinating.
I played my first game at the age of 6. I began umpiring games when I was 15. And I started to coach my oldest son when he was 5. I’ve played every position on the field except centerfield. And every chance I get, I watch my beloved Braves on TV.
But I’ve done more than that. I have traveled with my family to a number of stadiums to watch those Braves. Of course, I’ve seen games in the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and Turner Field in Atlanta. But I’ve also seen the Braves play in St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago (there is still no place like Wrigley Field), Toronto and Pittsburgh.
From time to time, when speaking about how the team is playing, I will say, “We just don’t seem to be hitting the ball right now.” Or, “Our pitching is great.”
I wonder what Chipper Jones or Tim Hudson would think about some 50-year-old preacher talking about “us, we and our” when speaking of their team. Do you suppose they would laugh? Or would they get mad?
You see, the Braves are my team only in my mind. I pull for them, and I probably always will. But I’m not a part of the team. I would not be allowed in the clubhouse. If I go to a game, I will have to buy a ticket. Nothing I do can influence the outcome of any game. I am not a part of the team.
But in exactly the opposite way, I sometimes hear people speak of their own church, “Those people down there,” or “They did something I didn’t like.” In other words, someone who is a member of the church refers to the church as “them, they or that church.”
What’s up with that? When you are a part of the church you ought to say, “We, us and our,” not “They, them, and their.” You are the church. And you need to be involved in the life of your church.
You will not be surprised to learn that I believe in the church. The church belongs to Jesus. He loves the church. He works through the church.
Every Christian needs to be a part of a local church. If you do not believe you can support the work of the church where you belong, then join another church. But don’t give up on the church. It’s our team.
God is still using the church to accomplish His purposes. Do you want to be a part of what God is doing in this world? Then get involved in the life of your church. You will see God at work.
He wants you in His church. Will you obey Him?
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