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God didnt check Tuesdays talley
pastor corner

Well, the election is over. In a couple of months a new president will be inaugurated.

I purposefully wrote this article in advance so that I could make a point. I do not know who won as I write, but I will share my opinion with you on one issue, and then seek to remind you of the truths of the Gospel.

My opinion? This has been one of the most dismal election cycles in American history. More than 324 million people call the United States home, and those were our choices? That was the best we could do?

So there, I said it.

Some of you might not speak to me again. But I believe that our ballot lacked a highly qualified person to serve in the highest office in the land. And that could lead to great consternation if we allowed it to do so.

But here’s the thing. As a Christian, I remain convinced that God is in control. He is not surprised by our poor choices, either as a country or as individuals. He has had a plan for us, again both as a nation and in our personal lives. And his plan is always best for us.

The fact is that our nation’s political system has been broken for some time now. We have never been more divided as a country, and no one is willing to cooperate with anyone else. The idea of compromise is anathema. It must be my way or the highway. Get on board or get out of the way. And that sounds great when my candidate is in office. But what if "the wrong" candidate wins?

In the words of an NFL quarterback, "R-E-L-A-X." God is still in control. Even if the United States ceases to exist, God is in control, and he can be trusted. Too many times I find myself trusting in things that cannot help. It may be an elected official, my possessions, my job, or my family. I need to remember this one truth.

God loves me, and he will take care of me. He has promised over and over, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." No matter who won Tuesday’s election, God will take care of his children. We can trust in him.

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