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How to handle life's curveballs
Pastor's corner
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Sometimes life throws us curve balls — situations, circumstances and problems that we just don’t know how to handle.  
We know that warfare is a never-ending cycle of the enemy trying to build his kingdom and tear down that of God’s. However, warfare becomes personal when it’s your health that the enemy is causing to fail, your marriage that the enemy is waging war against, your house that he’s threatening to dismember, your job that he’s causing to become outsourced, or your family that he’s pushing to the limits. During these times, Christians often feel the pain of Jesus when He asks, “if this cup can be passed from me…,” or Paul when he seeks the Lord three times to have the thorn removed from his flesh. This turmoil stagnates Christians and sometimes pushes them to not want to fulfill the purpose they were chosen for. This pain can make Christians want to throw their hands in the air and proclaim “enough is enough…”
But God must’ve known that we’d come to a crossroads in life where we’d have to choose if we would carry out the calling, which often times is extremely uncomfortable to our flesh, or if we’d buckle and turn to our own desires under pressure.
As much as we say, “for God I live and for God I die” or “not my will, but your will,” the true way to tell what a Christian will do is when a curveball comes at them. God knew these times would come; He knew that He’d have to provide us with someone who could help along the way, so he sent us a Savior. This Savior experienced all of the same things that Christians today experience; however, He was able to come out victorious.  
“All I have needed, Thy hand have provided. Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me” is the chorus of one of my most favorite hymns. And as time has passed, I can truly attest to the faithfulness of God. As we move toward Easter, we should have a heightened awareness of the faithfulness of God. As Jesus prepared Himself and His disciples for His death and resurrection, He embodied the faithfulness of God toward his people and set the ultimate example of how to be faithful in hard times.
Today, each of us is a living testimony of the faithfulness of God. Sacrificing his life for us, Jesus shows how faithful God is to man — so much so that He would give his only begotten Son that we might have abundant life. Even so, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the faithfulness of God when life’s storms arise, so it is imperative that we listen for the voice of God to lead us through the tough times in life. For in these moments, God will show Himself faithful to revive us to an upright place in Him.
I encourage you today to remain faithful to God, even when life throws you curveballs, because He surely will remain faithful to you.

Morris is a member of the United Ministerial Alliance of Liberty County.

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