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Lets not forget the real St. Patrick
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Most of America has just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in some form or another and now we are into the St. Patrick’s weekend.
If you asked the average person what comes to mind when they think of St. Patrick’s Day, they might say something like “the shamrock,” or something green, or a parade or having a party. The sad thing is that very little is celebrated for what the man Saint Patrick really stood for.
Saint Patrick was believed to be born in England and was taken to Ireland as a slave when he was 16 years old. After six years, it is reported that he saw heavenly visitors who told him to escape, which he did to France.
He became a priest and later felt a call to go back to Ireland and evangelize it toward Christianity. He became the bishop of Ireland and later was elevated to sainthood. The only real testament that we have in the average celebration is the shamrock, which Saint Patrick used to illustrate the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I believe if Saint Patrick would come to our area this week, he would be much disappointed of how a holy day named after him is celebrated. Oh, how far we have drifted. This is not the only area where we have drifted, for it is so easy to be carried away into practices and lifestyles that are not what God’s word teaches and what is best for us.
Some who read this may have at one time in their lives gone to church and knew what it was like to truly be a relationship with God. But you have somehow drifted to where you are now. The good news is that the Father, God, is waiting with open arms to receive you back. Whatever area you may have drifted to, there is always hope available for you to return.
As we go through this time of year, let’s not forget about the real Saint Patrick and what he stood for.

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