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Those with titles have responsibilities
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The other evening I was helping my wife with a drama performance that she instructs for our local community education department. As the kids were getting ready for their pre-performance practice, one of the kids started talking to me about a performance of “Charlie Brown” that is using our church facility this weekend. He went on to make a statement and question that I had never been presented with.
He said, “Oh and I understand you’re the prime minister, is that right?" What he had been told, I presume by his mother, is that I was the main or senior pastor or minister at the church where the play was to be held.
 Afterwords I pondered upon what the young man had said and it came to me that indeed I am the “prime minister” of my church and with this title comes an awesome responsibility. I am responsible to lead my church in the areas of vision, prayer, dedication, commitment, being an example and a slew of other things too numerous to mention.
This doesn’t let too many of you off the hook. With every title comes a responsibility; let me give you a few examples.
If you carry the title of “parent," what an awesome responsibility you have to fulfill the expectations in raising and teaching your children. If you carry the title of “Christian” you have a responsibility to lead by example and to show the unbelievers that Christ can make a difference. If you have  the title of “boss” you have a responsibility to treat those under you with fairness and respect. If you have the title of “leader” you have a responsibility to lead those who follow with honesty, diligence and commitment.
I think you catch what I am trying to say, and I hope if you carry any title you will take your responsibilities seriously and that you realize your actions can affect the lives of those who you are responsible for.
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