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We may as well learn to get along
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It was nine years ago this morning. I don’t have to offer any further explanation do I?
You know exactly what I’m talking about. It has been etched into our memories for all time. We will never forget.
Throughout our country’s history, there are certain days and dates that stand out above the rest. July 4, 1776, marked the birth of our nation. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed on Jan. 1, 1863. Dec. 7, 1941, was the day that would “live in infamy,” when Pearl Harbor was bombed. And on Sept. 11, 2001, our country was attacked by terrorists who flew jet planes into buildings in strategic places around the nation.
These dates are etched in our souls.
It’s really kind of interesting. I did not know anyone who died in any of the plane crashes in New York City, Washington, D.C., or Pennsylvania. In fact, I’m not sure I know anybody who knew anybody who died that day. And yet, I knew them all. You did, too.
There was a sense of immediate kinship with every one of the victims. You see, it was our country that was under attack. We are all brothers and sisters. It’s funny how we come together in those moments of tragedy.     
What if we came together in other times? Right now our nation is as divided as it has ever been. Red states and blue states, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat. And the only time we speak is to fight.
How nice would it be to have a civil conversation between the various factions that led to solutions instead of more division?
It is even more tragic that the church of Jesus Christ is so divided. I would not expect to do away with denominational labels in my lifetime, and probably not at any point in time. But could we not set aside our differences enough to realize that those of us who believe in Jesus Christ for salvation are truly one in Christ.
In John 17 Jesus prayed, “that they might be one.” He prayed for, “complete unity.” And He was praying for you and me.
I am a Baptist and will likely be one until the day I die. There are some Baptist distinctives that I believe to be important. But I certainly know that Baptists will not be the only ones in Heaven.
We are going to have to get along when we get to Heaven. Why don’t we go ahead and try to learn how to do that now? That will give us one less thing to master when we get there.
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