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Dont shop or plan menu while hangry

One thing I’ve learned throughout my years is to never go grocery shopping when you’re already hungry or worse — HANGRY.

These days I make sure I sit down with a nice hefty meal while I jot down the items I need to buy.
In the past, I would diligently make my list, but always tried to do 100 things at once before I would sneak away to grab food. By the time I went to the store, the list of healthy items was doomed.

Oh, chips! OK, let me grab this one small bag and snack on it while I shop. Triple Rocky Road Ice Cream Deluxe!! Well heck yeah, I need that at the house. Yum, Hostess Devils Dogs with double cream — in the buggy it goes.

Heaven forbid I pass the deli section with ready-made food.

Eight-piece fried chicken, and it’s still hot! I’ll just munch on this drumstick while I finish shopping. Let me taste this potato salad — yummy. Hey, is that freshly made mac-n-cheese? OK I’ll take a half pound please.

The same can be said about trying to plan out a weekend barbecue. With Memorial Day weekend coming upon us, it might be a good idea to have a meal before you plan out your list for the weekend grill fest. And once your list is complete, it’s imperative that you stick to it. If not, you are likely to fall victim to my dilemma of overshopping.

Those shopping trips usually go something like this….

Let’s see, going to need to make some traditional burgers and hot dogs because it’s expected. Then I’ll need some chili for the hotdogs and fries for the burgers. Need more mac-n-cheese, since I ate most of the last batch I bought before I even left the store. Oh, baby-back ribs, yes that’s a must. Grilled beer-can chicken is a must-do as well, coated with tangy barbecue sauce. Better get some potato salad and coleslaw too. I think two bottles of wine and a case of beer would do, along with some sodas, too, for the non-drinkers (Or as I call them — automatic designated drivers). Are there any vegetarians coming … hmmm … better make some spicy veggie burrito wraps just in case. Oh, we need some chips and salsa to nibble on too.

Friend: “You do realize we have only six people coming, right?”
Me: “Crap, your right, we are going to need more ribs, wine and definitely more beer.”

The result being I get to live off of leftovers for the next two weeks. I usually have tons of wine and beer left over as well. But no worries none of that ever goes to waste.

So take my advice and plan accordingly. Make a list and stick to it. And above all else, make sure you stay safe this Memorial Day weekend.

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