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Grant helps Long 4-H fight drug abuse
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Long County Commissioner Cliff DeLoach presents a check for $6,238 Lisa Overby to help educate children about the dangers of drugs and drug abuse. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The Long County 4-H Club received $6,238 June 8 to help combat drug abuse.
The money was provided by the Drug Abuse Treatment Education Fund and stems from a penalty fee that’s added to fines for illegal drug use.
According to Long County Extension Agent Robbie Jones, the club recognized a need in the county to educate children about the dangers of drug, alcohol and tobacco use.
He said the money can help educate children on the subject.
“The first and major outlet will be in the classrooms in fifth through eighth grades,” Jones said.
He noted the club’s monthly classroom meetings will be adapted to spread the anti-drug message.
Jones also said awareness information would be provided at events, such as the annual Long County Wildlife Festival.
Items to be purchased with the money include a Nighttime Goggles Game Kit that’s a DUI simulation activity, a substance abuse identification kit, a smokeless tobacco education package, and a substance abuse chart kit. Other items include videos, information pamphlets and games.
According to Jones, the items are designed to educate children of all ages.
Lisa Overbey, who is the 4-H program assistant, expressed gratitude to the county commissioners for approving the money.
Special thanks also went to Commissioner Cliff DeLoach.
“Cliff has been so supportive of our program, and was the one who started this ball rolling, in getting this money for this drug education,” Overbey said.
“I am so excited about us being able to start this. The focus has to be on prevention, and the kids have to be made aware of the dangers of alcohol and drugs.”
DeLoach said, “I think this fund is a good thing for the counties. Without us having a DARE program, we need to do all we can to educate the kids about the dangers of drugs, and the 4-H club taking this on is no surprise. These kids, are always doing something in our area, picking up trash, cleaning the park; they just to a great job.”
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