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Kiss-A-Pig's back
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Danny Creasy has adopted an AbraHAM Lincoln persona for the fundraiser. - photo by Alena Parker / Coastal Courier
Heritage Bank Vice President Danny Creasy is eyeing higher office, but not in Washington or even at his Main Street office. Posing as Pres. Abraham Lincoln on Saturday during the "Hamocracy in Action" Kiss-A-Pig kickoff, the Hinesville businessman will set his sights on the annual fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.
While "Hamocrats" and "Repiglicans" stumping on River Street in Savannah will be amusing, the Kiss-A-Pig cause is something Creasy feels strongly about.
He has two sisters-in-law and a brother-in-law living with diabetes.
"That kind of keeps us motivated and inspired to stay involved in this Kiss-a-Pig campaign," he explained.
Liberty's 2006 Kiss-A-Pig candidate Kenny Smiley recruited Creasy to lead the county's team this year.
Creasy said he "certainly wouldn't miss the opportunity."
And he's grabbed the pig by the tail, already hosting a "Strike for a Cure" bowling tournament on Fort Stewart and "Hawgs and Dawgs" Pig Patty Party in November.
In the campaign, teams from throughout the area see who can raise the most money for the organization that fights diabetes. Because of its fundraising prowess in recent years, Liberty's team has been pitted solely against Savannah Chatham County School System. Last year, with Angela Powell as the candidate, Liberty's Piglets of the Caribbean team raised $106,000, just $8,000 short of the metropolitan team's total.
And there is another class for teams that have not been as successful.
The candidates of the winning teams get to kiss a pig in front of everyone at a wrap up party in May.
The next big event for Creasy and his team will be a huge skeet shoot on April 12 at Dorchester Quail Preserve near Midway.
"It's coined the largest fundraiser in Kiss-a-Pig campaign across the Southeast," he said. "Last year we raised $72,000 at that event and we plan on doing that, plus some, this year."
The kickoff Saturday in Savannah starts at 5 p.m.
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