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Letters to Santa Claus
Savannah Mahleifi
Drawing by Savannah Mahleifi.

Editor’s note: Teachers in Liberty County Schools were asked to pass on some of the letters their students wrote to Santa Claus for publication. The students’ names were withheld at the request of the school system.

Button Gwinnett Elementary

Teacher Maria Sampson, 1st grade:

"Dear Santa, How are you doing? I hope you are well. And your elves are special and your elves need a very good present. And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year."

"Dear Santa, I hope you and the elves have a Merry Christmas and a good New Years. All I want for Christmas is a good Christmas and a "Big Nate and Friends" book, and a hoverboard."

"Dear Santa, I hope you are having a good Christmas. Santa can you tell my elf to share his present with his elf friends, and if he is that’s good because I told him to share, because sharing is good."

Teacher Nicole Carter, 4th grade

"Dear Santa Claus, I know you have a lot of things to do, so you don’t have to give me anything this year for Christmas. All I want is to sit down with my family and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. You better not go on my roof, because I have no chimney."

"I would like to see you one day. This year I would like to get an Xbox One. The reason I deserve it is because I’ve been a good boy all year. I want to visit you so I can see how the elves work, play with the reindeer, and the best reason is to see you."

"I think that I’ve been pretty good this year. Thank you for the presents I have received through the years. What do I want? I actually don’t know. But I hope you get what you want."

No class name or grade level:

"I want playdough for Christmas because it is squishy."

"I want a unicorn for Christmas because it is fun."

"I am a good girl. I would like a basket hoop for Christmas."

"I want a galasee for Christmas and jimnasctixs Christmas play set."

"I know how hard it is to get around dozens of houses. But getting all those cookies is amazing! And getting lots of milk! Amazing! I can’t wait till Christmas!"

"Dear Santa: I want a airplane. I want a real car. I want a DS. I want a nerf gun. I want a car. I want toy gun. I want lagos. I want sonic toys. I want nigo toys. I want pet. I want bow arrow. I want Xbox 360."

"I hope that you are having a nice time getting ready for Christmas. I also hope that I am on the nice list. I hope that because I have been very good this year. But, it’s not all about me. I have three things that I would want to happen.

"irst I would want everyone who has a tree on their house from Hurricane Matthew to have a house for Christmas. Also I hope that they get new things to replace the things that got broke or destroyed.

Second, I hope that the kids in the orphanage will get to go home with a nice family and they would have a good Christmas too.

Lastly, I hope that the homeless people would at least get something for Christmas, even if it is a blanket to help keep them warm."

"I’ve been somewhat good. Anyway for Christmas I only want two things, a Gravity Falls poster and a bean bag. I also want a few other things for other people for Christmas.

People all over the world have no house, no shoes, and a small amount of food. I have three wishes for these people. One is that you give them houses, shoes, and food to enjoy Christmas together. Two, bring them a big Christmas tree so they can put their presents under it like every other family does.

Also, I hope you can just bring joy to the girls and boys out there who need you. They need a Santa Claus this Christmas that will make them have the best Christmas they’ve had in a long time.

Thank you for reading this letter and I really hope you can get me the two things I want for Christmas. (Also is Frosty real? Just wondering because that would be amazing!) Goodbye, have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year."

"I have not been nice this year. I probably don’t need all the gifts. I’ll get and take what I am getting and give it to someone who won’t have a great Christmas or no Christmas at all. Everyone should be lucky that they have clothes to wear, a warm house to live in, and food to eat. And for those who don’t have these things, my wish is that they get it for Christmas. Please buy me lots of presents to give to those kids who need shoes, sock and jackets."

Frank Long Elementary

Teacher Trisha Jack, 1st grade:

"Dear Santa, Merry Christmas!

I would like a hachamoul (Hatchimal) and I would like some Littlest Pet Shop. I would also like a iPhone 7."

"I will like a ice cream maker and a hachbal (Hatchimal). I would say sorry that I was a bad girl."

Teacher Heldi McCall, 2nd grade:

"I’ve tried to be a good girl this year and what I wanted was one of those not little but I want a car, the Hello Kitty car. I love you."

"I’ve been a really good girl this year and I really want a mermade tail. I hope other children get there presents Santa Clos and Mrs. Clos."

"I tried to be a good good boy. I am not being mean to my friends. I love you Santa. I hope you come to my house on Christmas. I love all my friends and I love my cousins and I love my family, my whole family, and Santa want a Xbox Live and I hope my friends get presents and I love you Santa. Merry Christmas."

Teacher Ruthelyn Turner, 4th grade:

"Are you real, because I don’t believe in Santa. And I still get gifts from my family, so I don’t believe in Santa. If you were real just send "Elf on a Shelf" book. So if you do that with an elf, I might believe but there is 1% of that happening."

"Dear Santa,

How are you? I have been waiting for Christmas all year. Santa I have to ask a big question. Am I on the nice list or naughty? I hope that you leave me a not like you usually do. Really all I want is a bike for Christmas. Don’t forget about Rudolph."

"How are you? You know your little scout elf, she is causing trouble but so am I. I keep accidentally touching or knocking stuff over. So when you see Isabella tell her to stop getting into stuff."

"Dear Santa,

How do you survive the weather? You must get frost bite every day. When you come to my house take me to your house so that you can let me see some snow. You better bring me my presents."

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