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Life in Liberty Q&A: Cadet first lieutenant Benjamin Nelson, Bradwell senior
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Q. What did you learn from attending the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Ceremony?

A. Coming to this event, I found out that there was much more to it than what I knew from the beginning about Pearl Harbor.

Q. Why do you think it’s important for this generation and future generations to remember what happened at Pearl Harbor?

A. As the President during that time once said, it’s a day which will live in infamy. It was an attack that was on American soil. Not only should we remember, it’s something that America itself should remember. Not just individuals, but everyone should know.

Q. Being a young person, do you think others your age know about Pearl Harbor?

A. To some people, I know that they think it’s just another day. But those who look in to Dec. 7, it is much more than just another day. It is a day that will live in America forever as an attack on American soil.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. After I graduate, I’m going to join the Navy. My family before me, like my dad, my grandpa and all, they were also in the military.

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