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Food Lion now accepting health care cards
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SALISBURY, N.C. - Food Lion stores are accepting customers' Flexible Spending Account or Healthcare Reimbursement Account cards at all store registers. The transaction process will automatically deduct the cost of FSA/HRA items from a customer's total grocery bill once the card has been entered into the payment process.
FSA/HRA cards can be used by customers to purchase IRS approved healthcare and pharmacy items. In compliance with new IRS regulations, Food Lion made changes to its information systems to help clearly identify qualified healthcare products, which customers can purchase using their FSA or HRA cards, and to facilitate a simple transaction process.
"The cards work like a credit card," said John Bednarz, director of pharmacy for Food Lion. "Neighborhood Food Lion stores have always been happy to accept Flexible Spending Account/Healthcare Reimbursement Account cards. New IRS regulations make it easier to identify those items that qualify for reimbursement under a customer's FSA/HRA program."
For a list of qualified healthcare products and answers to common questions about the use of the cards at Food Lion stores, go to

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