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Healthy kids need to move
Back in the day most children had to move to keep themselves entertained, technology has now made it possible for entertainment to come to them. Help them stay fit by keeping them active. - photo by Stock photo

Years ago, children playing in the yard or at the park was a common sight on every street in every neighborhood. Nowadays, not so much.
Childhood obesity has become a big problem in society today. The food that is consumed is not the only cause of this but also the lack of physical activity. Video games and the internet are more appealing to a child versus a game of red rover.
The fix can be simple: get an hour or more of physical activity each day. According to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, that 60 minutes of activity does not need to happen all at once. Help your children get active for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a day.
Fancy equipment or a health club membership are not needed to get children active; regular household items and a little imagination will do. Naturally, the best way to get your kids moving is to get up and go move with them. Make it a family affair and when the fun begins, the entire family will enjoy the health benefits.

Fitness tips to get the entire family active:

At-home gym

Step to it
Take three trips up and down a staircase or do 20 step ups on one step.
Kangaroo jump
Tape a shoelace to the floor in a straight line and have your child stand on one side of the string with feet together. Count to three and cheer as he or she jumps over the string and back 10 times.
Crab crawl
Sit with your feet flat on the floor with knees bent. Lean back and place your hands on the floor behind you. Lift your seat off the floor, putting your weight on your hands and feet, and crawl around the room.

House music

Two steps
Teach your kids to dance while they talk on the phone, watch television, brush their teeth or clean their rooms.
New moves
Have your child invent his or her own dance steps and teach the rest of the family during a talent show.
Try to hop on one foot with your children all the way through their favorite songs.
Jumping jack flash
Start with a shorter song and see if your child can do jumping jacks all the way through it and then work your way up to longer songs.

Video workouts

Check it out
Libraries and video stores have tons of workout videos for all types of tastes. Find your child’s taste and take it to the house.
Stretch your mind
Yoga is a great way for kids to start the day because it loosens muscles and helps focus the mind.
Double time
When watching television at home, do jumping jacks, push-ups or crunches during commercial breaks.

Chores and more

Get the house in shape
Not only will they score points with mom but cleaning their rooms, vacuuming or doing the dishes also can get their hearts pumping.

These tips and more can be found at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s website at


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