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New year brings new hope for health
Charles Morris
Charles H. Morris and his wife, Rosalie, are civic leaders who are sharing their vision of a healthier Savannah by implementing programs that emphasize prevention, advance health literacy and eliminate health disparities. - photo by Photo provided.

The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, renewal and togetherness. However, in the relations between people, there also can be less-than-positive interactions — even jealousy and anger. Sometimes, we don’t take very good care of each other or ourselves.
At the nonprofit Canyon Ranch Institute, we help people prevent and reverse the negative effects of failing to prioritize health and well-being. We focus on prevention because it’s not only the most efficient approach but also the most ethical one.
From that simple position, with the support of Savannah civic leaders Charles H. and Rosalie Morris, the Canyon Ranch Institute Savannah Partnership was born.
In 2014, we’ve had the honor to work with many people and organizations to create movement toward these goals in Savannah:
• Renew the energy, vitality and health of people who may have been neglected, underserved or lost hope.
• Preserve the strengths that have made Savannah great throughout history.
• Respect the traditions, culture and beliefs of all people and communities.
• Honor past traditions, structures and practices.
• Heal the wounds that time, ourselves and others have created.
It all started with Charles H. and Rosalie Morris introducing us to Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care. Together, we offer the Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program to Savannah residents, always free of charge.
We also are privileged to be part of Charles H. Morris’ efforts to renew, preserve, respect, honor and heal historic Trustees’ Garden. We are collaborating with him to develop a garden, a demonstration kitchen and community-engaged arts programming.
The Canyon Ranch Institute Healthy Garden at Trustees’ Garden, at the corner of East Bay and East Broad, is the site of educational and hands-on sessions focusing on gardening techniques and ideas to contribute to the future well-being of Savannah.
Everyone is welcome to join this all-volunteer effort.
Another part of CRISP is the free walking club that is sponsored by Canyon Ranch Institute and Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care. Join us at Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care at 106 E. Broad St. — every Saturday at 9:30 a.m.
The new year is upon us. The beginning of every new year is — despite the hype — just like every other day of the year. The reality is that every day provides us with an equal opportunity to make positive decisions about the future.
If you’re interested in participating in the CRI Healthy Garden, the walking club, the CRI Life Enhancement Program or have other ideas for collaboration with CRISP, call 912-443-3264 or email

Pleasant is the Canyon Ranch Institute’s senior director for health literacy and research.
Cabe is the Canyon Ranch Institute’s executive director and a board member.

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