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Senate approves creation of Joint Coastal Greenway Study Committee

Legislation sponsored by Sen. William Ligon, R-Brunswick, would create a joint House and Senate Coastal Greenway Study Committee to examine the proposed Coastal Georgia Greenway trail.
The trail will link to the proposed East Coast Greenway trail that runs from Maine to Florida. It will connect 12 historical landmarks and a variety of green areas along the Georgia coast, including in Liberty and Bryan counties.
The Senate approved Senate Resolution 26 on Friday.
“The Georgia coast is one of our state’s most beautiful and thriving tourist destinations,” Ligon said. “It is my hope that the study committee will find the trail to have a positive impact on Georgia’s tourism industry and our economy and will encourage the creation the trail.”
If the House of Representatives approves the measure and Gov. Nathan Deal signs it into law, the committee will consist of 13 people, including members from the state Transportation, Natural Resources, Community Affairs and Economic Development departments.

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