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Voice your opinion about health care reform
Kingston calls meeting for 11 a.m. today
Jack Kingston 8 05
U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston - photo by Courier file photo

The country’s health care system stands on the brink of a possible overhaul, which could save lives or cost lives, or save tax money or cost more, depending on who’s talking about the various plans being advanced.
Liberty County’s Washington representative wants to know what the public thinks.
U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah, is holding a series of town hall meetings across his district to discuss health care reform.
Kingston had two sessions yesterday in Savannah. He will be in Jesup 11 a.m. today at Altamaha Technical College.
The lawmaker released a video Monday on his Web site, explaining why he opposes the estimated $1 trillion-plus proposed health care system.
Behind a melancholy tune, images and text appear claiming 114 million will lose the current coverage if HR 3200 passes.
“I believe all Americans deserve access to affordable health care,” Kingston wrote on his Web site. “However, the answer to high health care costs does not lie with government involvement, increased regulation, or mandates… Instead, Congress needs to take decisive steps to remove bureaucracy from health care and let patients and doctors direct health care decisions.”

The proposed universal health care bill has a large Democratic backing.
Supporters argue the shared costs under the current system outweigh plans for health care reform.
Kingston is for preserving individual choice.
“In addition, allowing Americans to cross state lines to purchase the most suitable insurance plan and allowing plans to be portable when changing jobs would increase competition and provide for more personalized options,” Kingston said.
“Health care reform will affect every one of us so it’s important to understand the proposals and to make your voice heard in this debate,” he said.

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