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To the caller who talks about the high standard of living in Norway, Australia, Sweden and Denmark, I believe you can get airline tickets in Atlanta to any of those destinations.

I’m calling about the call saying our county commissioners don’t do anything. We have a great county commissioner in Gum Branch. I’m so thankful for her. She does a great job and looks out for us.

I think SPLOST needs to be passed to help pay down some of the debt that our tax-and-spend commissioners have incurred over the years. But it’s turning me off to hear two of a commissioners are wanting to build a water park. If they do that I don’t think I can support it.

In light of the many, many unanticipated technology issues that arose during Liberty County’s GMAS testing, I wonder if the state of Georgia still intends to tie GMAS results to student promotion and teacher evaluation...

In response to the item comparing Norway and Denmark to the United States. The tax rate in both Norway and Denmark is 55% of income with an additional 25% value added (sales) tax. Cars are taxed at 180% of value. A car that sells for $20,000.00 costs more than $50,000.00 The net worth of the average U.S. citizen is above that of any of the of the citizens of the countries listed. The middle class never fares well under socialism.

Sitting here at Waldo Pafford eating with my child I can see why so many children are getting sick. All the custodians do is spread the germs from one table to the next. They have one bucket of dirty water no sterilization/disinfectant. Even after they just wipe things on the floor from the table there is evidence of spilled food and liquid on the table and they never really clean the floors well enough either.

If the Long County sheriff is so confident he’s already a winner in the May primary, then why does he have to intimidate voters. Several citizens have been bullied into moving signs for other candidates. And haven’t the Nobles Empire been in control long enough its only been 47 years to date.

There is a drug dealer selling heroin who lives in a neighborhood near the Bradwell football field. He is a former drug court participant. Guess he didn’t graduate. Law enforcement has known of his activities for years. Nothing is done to stop him. I know this because he sells to my grandchild.

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