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Sound off Aug. 22

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There was another accident on 196 and Airport Road intersection with injuries this morning. What’s it going to take for Liberty County to put a turn signal up there? I mean, after all, a turn signal’s cheaper than a human life, is it not?

I heard on television from a farmer the word coward means the direction at which the cow is going.

Just a big, great thank-you to Lisa at the police department who was so courteous and kind to give me a call back to let me know about the news channel that would place our lost dog on the website. We did find the dog, and we want to thank you, Lisa, so much for the call back and the courtesy. Thank you.

I’m just wondering if it’s right that a community servant is pressuring employees to vote for them as a community servant and best boss. Just wondering if Liberty County is going to get a true account of who really does a good job if the person in the running, the boss, is pressuring their employees.

Why would the city of Hinesville want to approve the building of the convenience store on 84 when the land owner can’t even fix up her trailer parks?

In reference to the superintendent position doing away with the STAR program, which is a mistake because teachers do what they can with the student, then it steps up to a team effort, then parent conference. And if it continues, then they’re referred up front, and then the STAR program would take over from there. I think it’s a great mistake for taking away that STAR program.

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