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Sound Off Aug. 31

t is time for the voters in Liberty County to step up to the plate as Washington D.C. has done. It isn’t the color of one’s skin. It is what they have to offer you.

The notice in the paper from Liberty County School system concerning special education records has been in there three or four times and every time it has misspelled words. It’s from the Liberty County school system. Who is makng the mistake, the Liberty County School system or the newspaper? It needs to be corrected.

After Liberty beat Bradwell by 40 points, I’m sure Bradwell wished they could play Johnson every weekend.

I’m trying to figure out why the announcer at the Bradwell Institute vs. Liberty County High School game did not refer to any of the Liberty County players by name, she referred to them by their number, but yet the Bradwell institute players were referred to by name. If anything, you should have fair and called all players name, because I know she had a roster with all the players’ names on it for both teams. It’s just not fair that you call some of the players’ names and not all.

Could we please have the city of Hinesville weekly crime map larger and darker so we can read it. I’d really like to know where the crime is and you can’t read this map.

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Will the Republican candidate for sheriff explain to Liberty County why he again no longer works at Chatham County or Savannah State University?

I don’t know what the hoohaw is about all the money with the school board. Y’all know what the problem is. Our superintendent versus Chatham county, Glynn County. They average roughly $6,000 per school, our superintendent averages about $16,000 a school, so there’s where the money’s going, and all the raises that go up there. And the school board is bigger than at Chatham and Glynn County, and that’s ridiculous but that’s where the school board is messing up. They need to go ahead and cut the pay on the superintendent and not give her a car and all this other stuff. I hope the Coastal Courier will publish this. They probably won’t, so I’ll figure out another way to get to the people of Liberty County.

I just want to get the record straight from a previous Sound off caller. Trump did not bankrupt his airline. He sold it to U.S. Air in 1992. The marines were transported from Camp LeJune to Miami in 1991. There’s a photo of the occasion. Trump Shuttle flew only on the east coast, never to the west coast, except to transport a sick child.

Why don’t the code enforcement officer in Hinesville check on these people running around here doing lawn services without licenses. They should have licenses and pay taxes on money they make.

It is a shame that people work all their lives, barely make ends meet and can’t afford cable or Internet, but pay taxes for an administrator to get a huge check higher than the president and kids to have internet on buses. Senior citizens should not have to pay taxes for schools.

We need more of these Sound offs. They’re funny. They should go in the police blotter sometimes.

When are the parents going to take responsibility for their children’s education as our parents had to do, iPads, Internet and so forth?

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