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Sound Off Aug. 9

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I would like to know why the Bradwell softball coach is charging me for pitching lessons for my daughter when the Liberty County softball coach is working with the girls and helping them pitch for free. Don’t these coaches already get paid for being softball coaches? I don’t understand this.

Why has the music class been moved to an academic area of the building? How is this noise affect testing in that area of the building? My child is complaining about not being able to hear because of the noise from next door. Whose idea was this?

As a Panther parent, I feel the need to speak up. The new principal of Liberty High should take the time to review the school’s CCRPI score. If she did, she would find that LCHS’s score is actually higher than Richmond Hill High School’s score and not lower as she told the Rotary Club. Let’s hope things don’t decline now.

Dr. Keel and Mr. Scott: Can you please find out how much money is being spent to bring in friends and former co-workers of our superintendent to serve as employees and paid consultants in our school system? Some of these people were even terminated by her in Clayton County.

For the first time, LCSS is starting school with vacancies at every school. When is the BoE going to wake up and realize there is a problem with their chosen leadership? When did our system ever have to offer incentive pay to get a teacher? Why not reward those of us that are here even when the morale and working conditions are horrible.

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