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Sound Off Dec. 28

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Donald Trump funneled $12.5 million to his family and companies during the election, which all seems to be legal. During his presidency I wonder how much taxpayer money is going to be funneled into his family and companies.

The Russian hacking is Donald’s Watergate. Jan. 22 is time to start his impeachment.

Boy, I wish I could make a motion to have my retirement increased 50 or even 100 percent. What a job. And get my phone bill paid if my boss calls me, wow.

What ever happened to the traffic law that says drive right except to pass? Georgia traffic law: you can be cited for obstruction of traffic by driving in the left lane when the right lane is open. Well if the cops can do it, so can I, right?
Just witnessed a Liberty sheriff’s deputy cursing and yelling at a woman at what seemed to be a child exchange at the jail. I’ve got to say that’s very unprofessional to be in uniform and that’s how he conducts himself in public with people like myself watching. Even more so, with a baby in his arms. Shame on him. Policemen like that are what give the police a bad name.

Why have a superintendent of schools if she is never at work? All she seems to be worried about is what directly affects her and not the schools, staff and students. Morale continues to drop and no one really has a voice. We need to make Liberty County schools great again and it can only begin with a change in the leadership!

To the writer who thought we should be excited about a president who will only take $1 for his salary: Have you forgotten the millions he has taken of your money and my money by not paying his fair share of taxes? This is not generosity, love of country, or chivalry. It is another way he can have a tax write-off. Guaranteed if we could see his future taxes, he will count his salary as a loss in one of the many loopholes he is infamous for. Please don’t be deceived by this show. This is his craft and trickery. Don’t be conned again.

Seriously, LCSS, why in the world would you decide to work on the Internet server on the last day that students were in school before the holidays without sufficient warning to the teachers? Many had technology infused lessons planned as well as holiday videos scheduled during party time. It was hard enough keeping the kids engaged even with technology without having to revamp lessons on the fly when the Internet went out for most of the day.

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