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Sound Off Feb. 28

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“I went to the tax forum in Hinesville last night with Buddy Carter. I had one question for him: Do you believe in term limits? Also, when are you getting out of office because your views do not reflect those of the first district.”

“I attended the forum last night that Buddy Carter did on the new tax law. He kept saying that we would be receiving a $2,000 credit. But this was for someone making $80,000 a year. In Long County, the average income is $35,000. So I guess I will receive nothing. Thank you, Buddy Carter! Oh by the way the average national income is $59,000.”

“I wish the various restaurants and doctor offices would turn off Fox News and CNN. I do not need to hear your political views in a public place. Please turn on the local news, weather channel, or just play elevator music.”

“That “snowflake” term did not originate from the Nazis. That is fake news. Snowflake refers to people thinking they have to go above and beyond to be unique and special and have their needs catered to, like a snowflake.”

“Please stop all the fussing at the Liberty County School Board meetings. Marcus Scott you should run for chair. The rest have to go, especially Verdell Jones.”

“LCH varsity basketball coach, you will never win a state championship again if you don’t use other players on the team. It’s a team sport. And there was some other players at your school you should of pickup.”

“The results of the recent ‘Banning the AR15’ poll clearly shows that people around here care more about their guns than the do the lives of American children.”

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