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Sound off for April 13

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Shame on the people calling Trump a Hitler. He’s an American citizen. And you people voting for Barney Sanders need to travel to communist countries and see how the people live, how they are beat up.

I’m wondering who paid taxes when the seniors citizens were in school?

The recent visit by Obama to Cuba is a great time for teachers to teach kids what socialism is and what it does to a country. Cuba is socialistic and they are all poor. Capitalism is what made our country great. Parents need to teach their kids that education and hard work will get you ahead.

Well, looky, looky, the Democratic Party is down to two stooges running for president.

United States has been too humane dealing with ISIS. We need to pull the gloves off and go after them with vengeance.

Liberty County School System has done it again. A parade for a basketball team? How much did that cost us? It’s good to have a parade, but when you play sports, winning is part of it. They are supposed to win championships.

Liberty County needs to pass a law to make pet owners scoop their dogs’ poop. It’s disgusting to be walking down a sidewalk and there’s poop everywhere.

Liberty County people should look at how much money they want to spend on the MidCoast Airport. Who’s going to get anything out of this? Who’s going to benefit? Would the money be better spent paving roads?

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