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Sound off for April 18

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The question still remains, did the former Liberty County tax commissioner repay the money she was directed to pay by the court? No.

I agree with the caller voting a big no on ESPLOST. If we vote it down, it should have some impact on senior citizens’ property taxes.

If you throw bricks at a prison wall, don’t be surprised if it ricochets back and hits you squarely in the head.

Proposing to build more facilities with SPLOST is a quick way to have it defeated.

Most parents have their vacations in the summer when school’s out. Now you’re starting school in July. Do you realize most parents have to share their vacations with others, we don’t get two months off? They have to leave people working. If you start school in July we won’t get time off with the kids.

How much money is it going to take for the LCDA to attract industry to the county? First it was millions to set up Tradeport East. Then it was millions to set up MidCoast Regional Airport. Now its millions to extend the runway. And they’re talking millions more to pave more roads at Tradeport East. It’s time for them to put up or shut up.

Before the ESPLOST vote takes place, I think the BoE should have to honestly report how they have spent our money for the past three years. How many cars have been purchased? How many salaries are being paid locally because the positions are not earned or the people hired are not qualified? How much has been wasted on travel? I’m pretty sure my vote will be no.

Once again, I’m leaving Pre-K in tears. Why is the office staff so rude? This is my third and last child to attend Pre-K and I’m so disappointed. What happened to the school? My daughter has a wonderful teacher, but the school has changed so much. Two months to go and all of my children will be at Joseph Martin, where you’re welcomed like a family member.

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