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Sound off for April 19

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Would someone tell me a good church to go to around here? I visited one Sunday. They were giving money to the pastor for his appreciation. Don’t the man get a check already? Come on, I need us to just worship God.

Somehow I don’t feel any better about paying income taxes even if Trump and his cohorts are putting the country’s finances in order.

Why is the new pet store able to sell python snakes, exotic spiders, venomous frogs? The Everglades have been overcome by pythons that have gotten away from owners. These snakes eat your pets, cats, dogs and humans. Please contact your congressman to outlaw selling and owning these dangerous creatures.

Now that Sunny Perdue is secretary of agriculture, does that mean Georgians will get discounts at the grocery? I really don’t understand his appointment. The only thing he seemed to do along those lines when he was governor was that Go Fish initiative that just wasted money.

As we hear all about Mr. Reese and his mismanagement of school system funds, let us not forget that Dr. Lee hand-picked him to be the system CFO and brought him here to Liberty County. She also allowed him to commute here from Atlanta for the past few years, allowing him to have a very flexible schedule so that he could stay in a hotel while here and drive home to Atlanta for long weekends. Our wonderful BoE members knew that this was happening, and they obviously approved of him and his work since they ignored those who complained. Maybe they will take a look now at the other Atlanta transplants she brought to our county.

I have contacted the sheriff almost every day due to this issue so if you get a ticket in that area it’s nobody fault but your own. I’m not going to sit by and let you put my family at risk. I will continue to call the police and request more police presence in this area.

I loved the Art in the Park on Saturday. There are a lot of talented artists that were there. Hope you all do it again. I was able to buy some great art for my home.

Guess the reputation Lee has for leaving school districts in financial distress wasn’t just a rumor. Three and done, leaving with a year’s salary and financial problems.

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