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Sound off for April 20

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All Liberty County taxpayers should take a look at the amount of money that they want to spend on the Mid County (sic) Airport. Who is going to get anything out of this? Who is it really serving? Would the money be better spent paving roads?

So they want to upgrade our taxes another penny for SPLOST. Has anyone looked in the paper for all the people with their grabby little hands wanting our money? It’s not about our community. All the people at the justice department should pay for that. We didn’t want it.

Call if y’all haven’t received your state tax refund. Go online to the revenue department. Go to the questions, the one about if you haven’t received your refund. Call the 1-800 number it gives and that will take care of the problem.

We live in the housing development next to Raintree Apartments, and the problem with behavior there is out of control with drugs, loud music from vehicles and also residents trespassing up and over our fences and across our property. Something needs to be done.

I have also heard about our superintendent frequently “working from home” and I think it is ridiculous. She is supposed to be supervising all staff and students in the district, and she can’t do this sitting in front of a computer in her pajamas. What would happen if our teachers decided to work from home?

To whomever ran over the cat for amusement on April 13, you should be ashamed! Especially when you are affiliated with the military.

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