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Sound off for April 25

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You live in a quiet, clean neighborhood. But an unwed woman, her boyfriend and four kids move in next door. Soon, serenity is replaced with the bump bump of basketballs, an increase in cars driving up with loud music, pit bulls barking in the backyard and the front yard that is full of trash. That, my fellow Americans, is what you call Section 8.

Thank God I don’t have children riding school buses any more. I see them tailgate. They cut lanes. It’s terrible. I pray for children on those buses.

It’s time for us to get rid of these county commissioners. They don’t do anything. You never see them in their districts doing anything or asking residents if there’s anything that needs to be done.

Can somebody tell me if kids can buy E-cigarettes if they contain no tobacco products?

Why is the Parker’s on 196 at Airport Road charging tax on newspapers?

Editor’s note: Newspapers are subject to sales tax in Georgia.

How many people are willing to pull off their gloves, their sandals and sunglasses and fight for our country the way the military does? Lives can be lost any time we go to war.

When we moved to Hinesville, there were all kinds of clubs that you could go out, have a drink and dance. You could have a lovely evening. Even the post was open so kids had bowling and skating. Now the biggest thing we have is Wal-Mart. Isn’t that a joke. I agree with Mr. Frasier that we need more community things to do in this town. Things have gone down.

This goes out to the politicians in Long County stealing signs of your opponents. I’m going to vote for the most qualified. If we find out who’s stealing sign, it says a lot about you and who you’re working for.

Liberty Memorial hospital was supposed to send a fax to my doctor to set up an appointment with a specialist. But they haven’t done it. It’s been three days.

Wonder what the people’s yards look like that go down Bakers (sic) Road and throw out their garbage. Wish they’d come back and clean it up because it sure looks bad. I bet their yards look like trash dumps.

Who do we check with about people 65 and older not paying school taxes? We’re retired and have no children left in school.

Hinesville, Liberty County, you want more money to spend? Crack down on the school zone.

The caller who called Bernie Sanders a communist should take a civics class. He is a social-democrat. Norway, Australia Sweden and Demark are all social-democrat countries. Which by the way rank 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the world for a high standard of living. Not like our country, which is not ranked even in the 10 top.

I like the new GOP slogan "Lose With Cruz"

I am a parent of a Bradwell student, and I just attended a Student (sic) Governance Team meeting. I was impressed with how smoothly their meeting ran, how civil they were during discussions, and how positive they were about doing what’s best for Bradwell. With all the complaining people do, let’s realize that there are many there who do a good job.

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