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Sound off for April 26

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I think it’s ridiculous that our little old hospital is paying its CEO more than $240,000. The board members need to go.

I wonder if the search for a superintendent can find us a new board of education, once they find a superintendent. This looks like the Keystone Kops.

That story about the track meet was the worst reporting I’ve ever seen. How about putting some time and distances in, about the athletes and events. It just had the placings, not the important information.

Hinesville officials are requiring sidewalks for the safety of children in a neighborhood about to be built. However, to reach the new neighborhood people have to drive through Cherokee Rose, which does not have sidewalks. I bet the first children injured will be in Cherokee Rose.

The clerk of courts needs to monitor Facebook posts of her employees, and then take out the trash.

I saw a story about a Bradwell student who has a severe case of cancer. Would everybody please pray for her, please?

I am a regular, working taxpayer of the east-end. I’ve got a great idea, let’s take the $190,000 that they are giving to the superintendent and the $24,000 raise for the county administrator and give it back to the taxpayers and we can pay for fire protection without imposing another tax.

Paul Ryan said in January that this congress was going to be so busy passing the necessary bills, it would go down as one of the best Congresses ever. So what happened? Maybe we need a new speaker of the house, one who will work with everyone.

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