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Sound off for April 27

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As for these people that would like to have more money in the fast-food industry, they need to do a better job. Locally, they don’t do a good job to earn that.

I would just like to know if the teachers of Liberty County voted to partake more furlough days in order for others to get paid vacations, or did the board just pass it over for themselves and the teachers didn’t have nothing to do with it. I’d just like to know that.

Liberty Elementary School, you need to make sure that you fix enough school lunch so that all kids eat and that there’s enough for them, especially if you have to pay $1.85 for a child to eat. I am tired of my child coming home telling me that they are getting out of lunch when her class goes to lunch. So Liberty Elementary, get on the ball, fix enough food so the kids that go to lunch late can eat the proper amount of food.

Parents and school-staff members, please go on the school-system website and look at next year’s school calendar. It is a joke, and it was made by our superintendent with no input from anyone who actually works in the school with the students. There are days off a few weeks before school ends, and holidays before major tests. This Liberty County schools are not a train; they are a train wreck right now.

Please, we need another middle school and high school in Liberty County. The population is growing, and we need more for our kids.

All schools should be made to form a Relay for Life team.

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