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Sound off for April 29

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All schools should be made to form a Relay for Life team.

I really need to know something. Is the water pressure part of the water bill for the city of Hinesville, or are we sharing water with California since they’re in a drought? I need to know because this is a shame — hardly any water pressure, but my bill is high. What gives?

Be careful what you ask for. You sent the representative from the East Coast to approve the pipeline in the Midwest, and you all want the pipeline in the Midwest. Those people said, “You all sent them there to approve the pipeline.” Now the pipeline is coming through the East Coast, and you all don’t want the pipeline. Your representative’s going to do exactly what you all sent him to Washington to do: approve the pipeline.

In (the April 22) paper, I see the mayor went to Washington, D.C., again on the taxpayers’ dime. Wouldn’t this money be better spent by recruiting companies to come into the area that have good-paying jobs instead of going to D.C. almost every quarter?

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