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Sound off for April 3

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Citizens of Hinesville, please don’t speed down E.G. Miles Parkway. Each night coming home the police have someone pulled over. They hide in the dark waiting to catch you.

The telephone companies should all be investigated. Why are they charging taxes, surcharges, sales tax, universal access and then turn around and charge you the same thing on another thing on the same bill. How can they double tax you?

I’m glad to see Hobby Lobby closing on Sunday, and Chick-Fil-A. God will bless them for their obedience.

We have a dysfunctional federal government, one I don’t believe in. I just hope we can get this mess straightened out.

If you read the paper correctly instead of just the head line and making an assumption, everyone would know the commissioners are not imposing a fire protection tax. It’s a fee and plans are to take it to the public. If you follow the Liberty County GA Facebook page and saw the live feed from the meeting the other day it’s only going to be imposed on the unincorporated areas of Liberty County. The information is out there, people need to stop assuming and start reading.

As a property owner and SPLOST, I will never vote yes for another tax in Liberty. What else do we want, and let’s get a tax for it.....

Marcus Scott you let us down. I will not vote for you next year because I’m running against you...

I think it is downright wrong that Trump requested Secret Service for his adult children. The main reason for doing so was to give his sons an advantage or the impression of importance when they are conducting Trump LLC business!

I see our frugal BOE is going to spend $8,137.80 to fly the transportation director and two others to a bus conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Maybe you three should concentrate on getting your CDL and driving a bus route or two so teachers don’t have to wait around for an hour for kids to be picked up by their bus in the afternoon.

What is the role of Ivanka Trump? She now has an office in the West Wing, government devices and a security clearance.

The supervisors at Wal-Mart need to treat their workers better; especially the neighborhood store behind Dairy Queen. If they want the workers to treat the customers nice, they need to treat the workers nice. Someone need to look into this, perhaps they need managerial training.

What in the world has happened to Liberty County High School? Test scores are down and now a lot of good teachers are leaving. Someone needs to find out what the problem is and fix it quick!

Read the current issue of TIME. Trump requested that he have an article in the magazine and was so thrilled to be on the cover again!

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