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Sound off for April 6

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The Sound off recently regarding Calderone and Doyle running and losing for office in Midway: Sour grapes.

This is to all the parents of Liberty County whose kids go to the high school. The rec ball has a lot of softball and all sorts of games for the kids to get ready. Don’t expect your kid, when they sign up for high school, to be picked if they haven’t gone out and practiced and learned how to play the game. Rec ball and softball is just starting, and a kid can get on the waiting list and learn how to play ball or get better so when it comes high-school time, they can get picked. Don’t expect and get upset if they’re not picked if they haven’t done any ball all year long. You’ve got to practice to get better.

My son was a patient in the ER a few months ago when he was very sick. He’d been in the room for hours, in the ER room, no one offered him a blanket. And the ER room as very dirty; blood on the bed. Please have someone take better care of cleaning those rooms before someone catches staph.

Liberty County, a beautiful place to live — if you can get past all the sand gnats, high taxes and Democrats. I don’t know which one’s worse.

Thank you, Coastal Courier, for printing the Sudoku puzzle in Sunday’s paper larger. It is much easier to work now. Thank you, again.

I am sick and tired of these so-called religious leaders of this community trying to govern everything that happens on Sundays. If I want to buy alcohol on Sundays or gamble my money, it’s my constitutional right to do so. These religious leaders want everybody in their church on Sunday to fill their plate with 10 percent of their earnings. Stop putting your money in the church and see what happens. You’ll be ostracized.

I would like to give honor to Mrs. Rose Wells. She is one of the greatest ladies I’ve ever seen in my life. She has been a great blessing to me, and may God bless her onto her life. God bless you, Miss Rose.

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