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Sound off for Aug. 10
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What is going on in Long County? We’ve got four-wheelers riding around neighborhoods. If there is an empty house, they circle it and circle it. Somebody owns that property, even if they’re not there, and it’s gone back to the bank. They just have no respect, and we’re overrun with four-wheelers.

What makes me mad about the tax system is prisoners, non-Americans and people not even working are getting money back every year on their children, like $6,000 and $7,000. This is what makes me mad — they don’t pay into the system, and they get big checks back.

The reason you don’t see property for sale for delinquent taxes in Long County is because most of us have appealed and filed our own tax rates. Everyone should do this.

There are more people killed every year by AIDS, alcohol and distracted driving than there is by guns. So let’s get off the guns and get on the real problems.

Word to Chairman-Elect Donald Lovette: If you simply watch what Jim Thomas does and do the complete opposite, you’ll be fine for the next four years.

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