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Sound off for Aug. 11

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The girls love softball. It’s a big thing now, and it’s getting more popular. Why can’t we have softball twice a year in the school system? Also, why are two programs running at the same time? Why don’t they run them at separate times so that the girls can also play different sports?  They love sports. You had 42 girls sign up for softball, and they couldn’t play. Maybe this would allow more to play softball.

To Wednesday’s caller: I’ve been an employee of the board of education for 16 years, and Dr. Lee is the best superintendent we’ve ever had. We finally have someone that gets the job done. Sounds to me like your real problem is that you have a problem because she’s black. Get over it.

I would like to see Dr. Lee change the way they average out the kids’ report cards. Many kids don’t do well when they first go into school, but near the middle and end they do really well, but that first grade screws them up, and they get a poor grade. I think there should be a way to redo it so it shows when kids improve. The way they do it here is wrong for the kids. No matter how much they try, they can’t catch up because of those first grades.

The political bozos in Hinesville approved funds to build multimillion-dollar buildings, but still they go out of town for their workshops. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. What really makes me mad is that the elected officials know it’s wrong, but it seems they don’t care.

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