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Sound off for Aug. 19
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When a waiter or waitress’s service is poor, we don’t tip. Yet we pay Comcast to mistreat us every month and on-time. I have been without Comcast cable since Monday, today is Friday. Until the city, mayor, city manager, city council members and city attorney lose their internet and cable, the citizens of Hinesville will not get good service or respect.

In a recent paper, it makes it a sad day for a person in Long County to get more jail time for cruelty to animals than a person getting time for committing murders. Animals have no voice, they have no justice, they have no one to stand up for them. Murder a person, they have someone to speak for them. People in this area don’t care about animals, they throw them away, they abuse them and no one cares.

To the person who won’t pledge their allegiance to the United States of America, you need to find another country. And I’m assuming you’re talking about the 1 percent, the wealthiest people of America. Well, you ought to be thankful for them, because they pay a majority of the taxes, even with all their tax shelters and all their tax breaks. Be thankful for them, they worked hard to get where they are.

Why don’t Hinesville’s “leaders” save the citizens money and have their workshop in their multimillion-dollar taj mahal city hall in their state-of-the-art council chamber? Looks like another year without a raise for the city employees — thanks, Billy and Mr. Thomas — from the inside, unfortunately.

Council members need to keep in mind that your cities and communities are watching, and I am, too. I never see you out at any city functions or outings. It is not a popularity contest; it is about getting the job done and showing the people who voted you in that you care about the city and the happenings.

No one seems to have any information concerning hurricane evacuations for the elderly for their pets or therapy dogs. We need to have a certain place to where we can go and know how to get there so we can have our pets with us.

I live in the Trails subdivision in Flemington, and we’ve been trying to get our road paved for three years, and the county said it’s not their responsibility. The city said it’s not their responsibility, it’s privately owned. But I’m wondering why we have to pay county taxes, and who can force the person who owns it to get it paved?

Wake up, people. Look at how the SPLOST funds are being spent by the board of education down at the old Brewton-Parker on Highway 84. They didn’t seed the acreage there, they are sodding it. Wake up, taxes are killing us.

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