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Sound off for Aug. 19

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I can’t believe that a seafood restaurant on the soup bar would only have a potato soup and a spicy chicken soup. At a seafood restaurant? I wanted to go out and eat, but I wanted some kind of seafood soup to eat.

Hi, this is Sunday morning, Aug. 2, front page of the paper about the trial that could last through this week. Maybe you all need to know the difference in a widow and a widower. A widow is the woman that is left, and a widower is the husband. And in this case, you called the man a widow. He was not a widow; he’s a widower.

We would like to support our businesses in Midway, but past-due items are on the shelf since 2014. Where is the USDA inspector? This is a shame.

I see in the paper today, on Sunday, that our City Council went down there to St. Simons Island for a retreat — another boondoggle, another waste of taxpayer money. Why don’t they have these retreats in Hinesville?

While pumping gas, you should not be solicited to buy products. Should not be allowed to be happening.

This is to the person who was complaining about school starting in August. I’ve been here over 25 years, and it’s always started in August. You’ve got to remember that we do get out before Memorial Day, and they have the whole full month of June and July. Other schools don’t get out until mid-June and they’re back in school in August, so they did have a summer. It’s funny how nobody complains when we get out before Memorial Day, but this comes up every year in August.

I hope that Dr. Lee observes and sees that we could start school later in the year instead of the first day near August when it’s so hot and it’s so dangerous, especially with sports in the high school. This is really a dangerous time to have kids out there doing sports. I would appreciate if she looks into this and sees that we could go back to school starting later in August. This would a wonderful thing for the children. The buses have no air conditioning. It’s more of a health problem than anything.

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