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Sound off for Aug 2

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“Does President Trump have a mental problem? He continues his attacks against the media. I hope no one gets seriously hurt or killed. When is his impeachment?”

“Midway is having personnel problems. Two police officers, a utility worker and office worker all quit. Could mismanagement be the problem?”

“The daily tedium of life, what would we do without it?”

“Well, you voted for one. Look at this president. Look at what others are saying about us.”

“Can Hinesville push the recycle issue better? Only two bins available in the city, not enough and not encouraging. We need blue trash cans and fines for misuse.”

“Reading about the sheriff’s raise, I remembered that the average worker usually gets a 2 percent raise and insurance goes up 1 percent. How can we keep affording these increased salaries? I bet our property taxes go up soon.”

“Sound off now you know you’re wrong. In your announcement you say you won’t use a specific person’s name. You sure Diana Reid’s. I bet you wouldn’t have put it in there if had been Joey Brown’s name.”

“The person who did a Sound off about requiring grass cutters or landscapers to get a business permit must be a Republican. For it is a Republican president who ran off the illegal migrant workers who used to do these jobs for $2 an hour who had no business permits. Now you want to run off all U.S. citizens who do this job for less than minimum wage. For someone has to cut the grass in Liberty County or be lost in the grass.”

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