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Sound off for Aug 20

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“Can electric companies stop advertising? I can’t go anywhere else. Just lower my bill, please.”

“Those raises to the sheriff and county administrator could have benefited the employees of the county better. We haven’t gotten raises in about 10 years now, and not a merit raise, a just because raise.”

“If our council intends to change our city charter, I hope they include a provision that council members must pass an IQ test.”

““It is a shame what is happening in the city of Hinesville. All of a sudden, you have two new lady members who think they know more than the people who have been there longer. I would think that the first year would be for learning the law and understanding what is going on within the organization. Attending one training and getting your picture in the paper does not qualify one for this job.”

“It’s so ironic, the POTUS tweetstorm will probably be the impetus for World War III. How sad. Yet, so many fail to see how wrong they are in selecting this man. OK, it’s time to acknowledge the problem and it’s not fake news. He is creating his own news and serious leaks.”

“How stupid of me to think my taxes were to turn Hinesville into “the next high school athletic dynasty.” I thought it was to educate our children so they could be better citizens.”

“Liberty County residents ought to beware of the fire protection program that the commissioners and politicians are trying to cram down our throats. They need to put it on a referendum.”

“Retirees on a fixed income, like Social Security or disability, should get a break on their water bill in the city of Hinesville.”

“The Republican Congress is worthless and I voted Republican. Every time they get the Democrats down, they let them back up.”

“I believe the city council is sweeping City Manager Billy Edwards’ suspension under the carpet to hide the fact that at least one city councilwoman went off on city officials for doing their job accusing them of being racist, when in fact her racist rant is on body camera.”

“So glad to see Mr. Calderone writing about Midway. People need to wake up.”

“How can the board of education continue to spend all of its money when they refuse to give our paras iPads to help the kids?”

“Someone asked why Buddy Carter voted to cut Medicaid? The new cuts to Medicaid are for able bodied people who don’t work. Get a job.”

“Did you ever notice the only communists or socialists that approve of their system are the ones called the elites? They rank at the top and get all the perks.”

“I have a lawn service and I have a business license. I’m doing everything, by the book.”

“It won’t be the Democrats that impeach Trump. Trump will do enough that he will be run out of office by Republicans.”

“Ha, ha, ha. I don’t know who’s complaining about Steve Sikes’ salary raise. Listen, you voted him in, deal with it. He’s going to be there a while.”

“Oh yes, Mayor Pray, I agree. You really need to give those people out there working in the heat a raise.”

“The officials of Midway need to worrying about building the city instead of a $2.7 million city hall near the sewer waste spray field. We need to elected officials this year with the ability to help the city grow.”

“I think we should give an award to the DMV and post office for the most rudest employees. They have the most rudest people I’ve ever met.”

“Hinesville recreation and owns all the parks and runs them. And they don’t allow any dogs. It’s a shame people don’t have any place to walk with their dogs.”

“OK, Liberty Justice Center, it’s time to change out the state flag again. This one is tattered and torn, flying next to a beautiful building.”

“Mr. Mayor, your public works contractor is not following federal laws on hiring. They are hiring only family and friends with mock interviews. It should be investigated.”

“When are they going to get all the lights fixed on the Midway interchange at I-95? I called the power company and they said to call the industrial authority. I did and it’s been more than a week.”

“I’ve always been a Falcons fan, but from now on I’ll never pull for them again.”

“It’s education, education, education, you dummies, not sports. Pay our teachers and get better educators.”

“Please install speed bumps at James Brown Park. People are going well over the 15 mph posted speed limit. I walk there and I almost got hit there today.”

“The country is in chaos right now, and the White House, mostly because of a conservative, uninformed, uneducated evangelicals who thought Paul was riding his donkey to Damascus.”

“Thank God for John McCain. I pray to God we all survive the Trump, one-term presidency.”

“I’m disgusted by the city of Hinesville Council. They are the rudest most unprofessional council we’ve ever had. They are a disgrace. “
“Here we go again. A football senior cussing out the coach. Wow, let see if he gets playing time. These kids need to show respect. I’m glad this is my son’s last year. Now I wish my son went to Bradwell.”

“I think they people of Hinesville should pick the manager if they are going to fire Mr. Edwards who has done a wonderful job for years. I think maybe it’s a little racists.”

“It’s time we clear the city council, getting the ones off that want to act up and disturb Hinesville’s meetings.”

“A lot of hoopla was made about where Obama went to church and where he was baptized. Where does The Donald attend and where was he baptized?”

“The mayor is the only elected official who represents all of Hinesville. Council members just cover parts of that unit. Therefor only the mayor should hire and fire.”

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