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Sound off for Aug. 26
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I’m calling about the signs that the city paid all that money for to welcome to people to Hinesville, and they don’t have a bright-enough bulb in them to even see the signs at night. I think if they had the money to build the signs, they ought to have the money to put in a brighter light. Thank you, mayor and city council.

I cannot believe the Liberty County Commissioners voted to bring outside contractors in for removal of debris during a hurricane or storm or whatever. We have plenty of qualified contractors right here in Liberty County that could have done this job sufficiently. They just voted to give a $2,000 grant to a company to bring businesses into the county; now they go and contract out a company from Alabama and a company from Florida to do work that local people could do right here in this county. I do not know what my county commissioners are thinking about.

The good news is that in 2015, we will get a new mayor, so all we’ll need to go along with that will be a new city manager, a new municipal-court judge and a new — entirely new — city council.

The headline reads, Bradwell loses by 20 points due to the rain. I’d like to remind folks that both teams played in the rain.

I have a simple solution for all those parents who are upset about the policy about picking up students: Let their students ride the bus. This county doesn’t pay millions of dollars for bus service for parents to drive them.

I was in KFC (recently) and there was a young lady in there who was very nice. She was standing in the front lobby, talking to another person. I was waiting to get my order, and we went to talking and she was so very nice. I want to tell the manager that you have a very nice staff at KFC.

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