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Sound off for Aug 6

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“Tonight, another person was killed on Highway 196 between Hinesville and Glennville. This stretch of road is deadly. It needs to be straightened, then four-laned with a bike path. This needs to be a priority with our congressmen.”

“It’s highly funny that the city manager and county administrator and now our sheriff all make six figures, while it is the employees who do the actual grunt work haven’t gotten raises in many moons now.”

“What kind of message is the city council member Vicky Nelson trying to send out to the citizens of Hinesville with a personalized license plate stating “acnup,” which is what seems to be on her agenda?”

“Whoever is sending bad comments about Councilwoman Reid is way off. Mrs. Reid is one of the best, every time I’ve called her for help she responds immediately and helps me with my problems, she is the best Christian and never have I heard pronounce it, she just does what is right. That to me is the true Christian. Please think before you say bad things about people.”

“I just watched the video from the last City council meeting. I have to say Billy Edwards is the most graceful and poised man. He sat there as he was attacked and ridiculed in front of everyone. I’m ashamed of this council.”

“All these shootings and people still insist on having their guns! Something has to be done about this.  How many lives will it cost before there is a change?”

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