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Sound off for Aug. 8

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The good ol’ boy system is trying to exert itself on the library board and next on their agenda is trying to get rid of a 20-year member on the tax assessor’s board.

There is something wrong with the appointment of Cathy Walden to the library board. The commissioners need to be honest, above board and follow the rules.

Does Eddie Walden know how to spell nepotism?

I have another one for the church news. A leading usher has a bootleg, single-wide trailer cat house. She sells moonshine, beer, gambling and drugs. At the church door on Sunday she’s there to greet everyone with a smile. Greetings from the devil.

How can a person that lives in Chatham County be on the Liberty County board and keep up such mess?

Thank you, LCMC. We left the chamber because they stopped caring about our needs, but still wanted our bucks. We’ll be calling you soon.

Please, Midway, please find another chief. She ain’t right.

Before Fort Stewart was named Fort Stewart, it was called Camp Swampy. Want to hear something neat? The Beetle Bailey cartoon is at Camp Swampy.

Stevens is 100 percent right. Gilliard, Bowen and Walden should be sanctioned for making appointments outside of policy. Kay Gilliard should resign her appointment.

Congratulations to the newly appointed library board member. Her article in Wednesday’s paper was right on track. With her experience in education she is an excellent choice.

I’m just amazed at people being so naive that they can’t see through Donald Trump. Did he just take your mind away? Look at the facts and things that are happening. And you want this man to be your president?.

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