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Sound off for Dec. 11
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"It’s great that we have a minority chamber. I retired here but have a business in Savannah because there was a lack in opportunities for minority businesses until now. Keep fighting. You have a lot of support here."

"Was the commander of Winn Army Community Hospital fired because of an improper relationship with Liberty Regional Medical Center?"

"Anthony Weiner is in prison. Bill Clinton was impeached. Bill Reilly, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Mark Halperrin and Charlie Rose were fired. Glenn Thrush was suspended. Louis C.K. was canceled. When will Donald Trump be held accountable?"

"The state and county government needs to do like Hinesville City Council woman Mrs. Reid did and stop inspectors from giving out notices for littered property. And paying the landowners and renters to clean up their property."

"I have a question for the previous caller who said "thank you" to former superintendent, Dr. Lee. What were you thanking her for, the pitifully low CCRPI scores for our schools. or the nightmare lack of discipline created by PBIS, or the dropping graduation rate, or for running off some of the system’s best teachers and administrators? What exactly deserves thanks?"

"David Perdue has sent me many emails with regards to balancing the budget and lowering the deficit. But I just talked to his office and he will vote for the $1 trillion debt bill. I guess he is just concerned about the debt when a Democrat is in office. Vote Perdue out."

"Isn’t it wonderful that Great Britain has now asked Trump not to come in January due to his behavior. It is a shame we can not do this."

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