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Sound off for Dec. 15

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As a Christian I was disturbed when Donald Trump was asked what was his favorite scripture was and he said an eye for an eye and revenge is sweet.

Its Official the US is now a banana republic, not my President, Donald Trump says the election was rigged and now he is going to court to stop the recount in PA, MI, and WI. What does he have to hide? That is what dictators do in banana republics!

What the heck is going on at Bradwell? My child came home and said his PE teacher is making them clean up the dressing room. My kid is not a janitor! I’m going to the Board with this!

To the person who says that Donald won the Electoral College and get over it. Just remember the last we elected a president who lost the popular vote he gave tax cuts to the rich, sent us to war with the wrong country, legalized torture and crashed the entire economy.

I hope the new District 2 commissioner in Long County will actually drive around the district and take notice of the numerous empty houses and the many that are in foreclosure, then tell us why they are allowing new building permits in those subdivisions. Foreclosures do not help the tax base.

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