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Sound off for Dec. 16
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Let’s do away with all the different boards for Hinesville and Liberty County and have just a joint board for Liberty and Hinesville, the same as Camden County.

We’ve been here 20 years and Fort Stewart and Hinesville have been like one community. Now they’re locking out the civilians, but it seems to me that money would have been better served teaching the military how to recognize bad apples in their presence. The last two terrorists have been on Fort Stewart and Fort Hood, and they were military trying to kill their own people.

I’d like to know why they had a vote on raising our taxes when all of our city councilmen weren’t present. I know they might have had a whatever it’s called where they could vote, but one of our districts was not represented. Therefore, they should re-do the vote where all councilmen have to vote.

My water bill went up over $14 from last month to this month. My husband has been in the hospital, clothes have not been washed. Why is my water bill more than it is when both of us are at home? This doesn’t make sense to me. Something is fishy.

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