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Sound off for Dec. 17

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

To the people that broke into my friend’s car in Eagle’s Landing on Dec. 7 early in the morning: the item that you stole is something that he needs to survive, and the insurance will not pay for that again. Also, what he has is highly contagious, so you may want to return the stuff and check yourself into the hospital.

Citizens of Hinesville, would like to know who the city council members, the two who didn’t have the 10 percent cut in their salary, but they’ve had a 167 percent increase in their salary, and the workers that actually do the work haven’t had a pay raise since 2009. Something’s not right with this picture.

When they had a city council meeting about the increase of taxes, the resident that asked whether the city officials would go to China or St. Simons Island and was told that didn’t have anything to do with the property-tax increase, the mayor was definitely wrong on that. Anything that the city spends has something to do with the budget increase property taxes. We need new elected officials, from the mayor down.

I have a question: If Kroger opens a new store, are they going to close the other store like they allowed Food Lion to do this? And is this the responsibility of the planning commission to allow all these empty buildings in town? It seems like one building opens up and we have another empty one.

This comment is directed to the Liberty County Board of Commissioners: You keep raising my taxes. My house is not an open checkbook for you to keep continue to raise my taxes. You need to make the people in the industrial park start paying taxes, not the property owners.

I’d just like to thank Mr. Warden and the men from Gum Branch Baptist Church for bringing their train to the tree lighting ceremony. If it hadn’t been for them, there wasn’t much for the little kids to do.

I don’t see why city and county employees should receive bonuses. The bus drivers and custodians at the schools don’t ever get bonuses, so I think they can save a lot of money by cutting out the city and county employee bonuses.

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