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Sound off for Dec. 2

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Today is 21 November, 2015. On last Monday, the president made an edict that all flags will be flown on all city and state and federal properties at half-mast until sundown Thursday, the 19th of November. Why are so many flags still at half-mast? Did they not get the information as to when the time period was to expire?

A year ago, a person on a city board somewhere got in trouble because they got kickbacks from Wal-Mart to allow Wal-Mart into that city. I’d like to know what’s going on here in Hinesville that we’ve got to have three Wal-Marts. This is wrong. There are other very good stores that we could have choices. Who’s benefiting from this?

Coastal Courier, get your facts right. The Board of Education went up on the millage rate. The 2014 millage rate was 15.65, not 15.88. Do a little research.
Editor’s note: We ran a correction on this in Sunday’s paper. We regret the error.

It took us years to get two turning lanes at the intersection of Gen. Stewart and 84, and it was wonderful because traffic was always backed up there. Now they’re taking that second turning lane for that Wal-Mart. The traffic is going to get worse. Who’s on the planning committee? Who decided to put a Wal-Mart there?

Someone said the new Wal-Mart on 84 is for people in Midway. Why would the people in Midway shop here when they can hop on the freeway and in a couple blocks can be in Richmond Hill and have choices of four different grocery stores? I can’t believe Hinesville’s not giving people more choices. That’s just poor planning.

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