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Sound off for Dec. 20
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"Politicians promised tax reform is about you. It’s not. Virtually every politician pushing the tax reform bill stressed it’s primary purpose would be to deliver tax relief to all Americans, especially those in the middle class. That’s logical, since we’re the ones, they are supposed to be representing. No it’s a massive tax cut for corporations. In addition, while the tax cuts accruing to regular Americans automatically go away after 2025, cut for business are permanent."

"I’m all for helping the less fortunate, but if you’ve got money for cigarettes, you’re not getting any help from me."

"Midway, another four years of garbage."

"I’d like to give a shout out to the gate guards at Fort Stewart for saying ‘thank you for your service’ to my Vietnam veteran husband. It fills him with pride every time he hears it."

"Does anyone know the elementary school that took orders for cookie dough before the last hurricane? I ordered two types and didn’t hear anything. And I don’t remember the school."

"Only about a third of the Midway voters came out to vote, allowing the same people to stay in office another four years. You should be ashamed. The city will continue its backward progress."

"I’ll sure be glad when Diana Reid, Vicky Nelson and Keith Jenkins are voted off the city council. They cost the city taxpayers $11,000 with Reid’s negative attitude toward city employees."

"Isn’t it time that Liberty County citizens banded together and voted for consolidation of all municipalities into one county government?"

"I’d like to know, how can someone who has been in prison a long time now be a substitute teacher. How is the permissible?"

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