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Sound off for Dec. 21
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I do not know who Mr. Joe Gillam is, but I certainly agree with his letter to the editor in reference to 2012 is a year of waste. I have lived here 20 years, though it’s not my home — but I sure have seen a lot of wasteful tax spending. Mr. Joe Gillam, I applaud you sir for writing a letter to the editor.

Obviously there are a lot of people against the Obama Administration on how they spend and take vacations. If you take the presidential record, you probably will get a good understanding that all presidents have basically done the same thing or are in the same boat. It’s a presidential privilege.

To the tax collectors of Liberty County, the wealthy, the powerful, and the people who are oppressing the poor and the elderly: Some people have become prosperous and unjust. The higher our taxes being, we can’t afford to pay it and then our property will be sold. God says he is weary of greed and will not tolerate injustice.

I have a suggestion: I think all schools should have one door entry only, and a guard at the door. Install an alarm of some sort that would go off very loud if someone entered the door with a gun. Let the guard shoot them at once before the gunman can shoot. Shoot to injure first. Something has to be done to protect the kids.

Good morning, angels do exist. My son attends the most prominent private school in town, FPCA, and our family was blessed by an anonymous donor. I want to say thank you to that person for going in and paying his tuition through the end of the year. May God continue to bless you.

There are two suspicious characters hanging out on Holmestown Loop around 3 or 4 o’clock in the mornings, and they look like they’re hanging out to rob somebody. They’re on Holmestown Loop, and Westfield and 84. Maybe somebody can catch them.

Hey Liberty County, the reason your taxes keep going up is because of the empty Liberty Transit buses they keep running, wasting gas and getting in the way at Walmart and the hospital. One day when they run into somebody, there will be a big lawsuit and cost a lot more money. Thank your great mayor for this and the other boondoggles. Vote the rascal out and be done with it.

Good morning and merry Christmas and happy New Year. Is there any way the tax commissioner, the board of education could move our tax-paying time to the middle of the year so that it doesn’t hurt the people who are on a restricted budget as far as Christmas goes? I think that would be a real great Christmas present to somebody.

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